Saturday, May 5, 2007

Going home

Apparently I have "failed to make an impact on this town". I won't tell you who said this about me because they don't deserve our disdain ... or our contempt. It was, actually and metaphorically, a stab in the dark. But the comment certainly kept me up last night - pondering whether there was, in fact, anything more I could do to secure my footing in Sydney. I'm sure I'll contemplate it continuously (as I have a rather monotonous tendency to do) as I pack my bags, boxes and plastic tubs in preparation for a move back to Melbourne next week. Thank The Universe for my blog. Here, over the coming days (and I am sure, weeks) I will contemplate and consider the move and its implications. A real journal of record. A record at least.

I have always been an independent spirit. I value my independence more than anything and everything else that litters my landscape. Past, present and future. I'm not a loner - I love the company of certain people. Very particular people. JD, DD, JG especially - people who the pathway through the garden of my life has provided for me ... and I hope, us. They are people I want to speak to every day, and they represent the metaphorical anchor in the stormy sea which has been the relationship with myself during my seven years in Sydney. I am looking forward, more than anything else, to having the integrity of real friendship around me again ... to share the language of knowledge through meaningful exchanges - the kind that are only possible because of personal History. Understanding. The 'heart and soul connection' we seek and yearn for all our lives. Where silence sometimes sounds louder than noise.

To some extent, I have "failed to make an impact on this town". But not entirely because of what I have chosen to do (and not do as the case may be), but (principally) rather because of the people I have chosen to try and make an impact with ... and for.

I need to understand the implications of this move - more than I think I realise. I have been encouraged not to return to Melbourne and I respect the tutelage. I have been challenged to consider the (im)possibility of staying here in Sydney. It is not an option. It's a change of perspective I seek. I need. That is my only expectation.

Can you go "back"? Yes, of course you can. Sometimes, you must. I have been "back" many times in my life. For safety. Security. Confidence. Clarity. The last two times I have visited a dear friend's parents' farm in the Hunter Valley, I have taken the wrong turn off the freeway. I was never certain ... it was always dark. I love driving at night. I interview myself on the radio ... I win Oscars® ... I have fascinating opinions about all sorts of things and I interview myself the entire trip. It's the way single people learn about what they're really thinking ... they talk to themselves about it. I was so sure of how fabulously interesting I was, I took the wrong turn. Twice. The road I took led nowhere ... just further into the darkness. No matter how much I tried to convince myself otherwise, I was not going to arrive where I had intended. I had to turn back.

There is a persistent alone-ness about my life in Sydney. A nagging doubt about the quality of my life here. The collection of extreme highs and lows that have punctuated my time here are vast and interesting ... and I will document them here. As I consider each of the culprits, there will only be one rule: no prisoners. If I am going to set myself free from this chronic perception of what the end (and requisite failure to meet certain expectations) of this chapter in my life means, then everyone and everything responsible - including, especially, me - will need to be held to account.

As Bette Davis's Margo Channing famously chimed in All About Eve: "Fasten your seatbelts. It's gonna be a bumpy night!"

Image: Unfinished Business - J D and Flicka, the Fearless Firefly.


metal_petal said...

wow, this is fantastic news.

I can't wait to come and visit you in your new home.

Geoffrey said...


nash said...

*gasp* Wow, what a surprise. I need to reread this so it sinks in, but one thing that immediately comes to mind is the notion of life happening in 7 year cycles (some people say 9) so maybe it's just the natural progression. I dunno...

nash said...

I understand pretty much everything you talk about here because your situation is very similar to my own. You don't know how pleased I am to have found you through your blog Geoffrey. Through your words I gain more understanding of my own life and it spurs me on to greater possibilities. I have no doubt you can thrive in Melbourne, but I hope you don't return there feeling bitter about Sydney - there's really no need.

Oh and I wanna come too

Geoffrey said...

Bless your heart nash. Thanks for your comments. I love that you find something releveant and nourishing here. Thank you for saying so.

"Bitter"? Yes, there is certainly bitterness ... of course there is. How could there not be? For me, bitterness is a poison. It suggests that there has been a conclusion reached, and all the points of view and experiences that have colluded to bring me to a particular point on the axis of possibilities in my life don't quite make sense. It is important to work through the bitterness and make sense ... which I am finding this blog an incredibly useful way to channel and resolve all those thoughts and feelings.

You need to resolve bitterness so that it becomes knowledge and understanding. Acceptance and forgiveness. And a way forward (or backward).

I hope you continue to find things here, the light of which might illuminate a little of your own pathway. Melbourne, after all, is only 50 minutes away in a plane.

nash said...

Hi Geoffrey,
There are some things I'd like to discuss with you before you leave for Melbourne if possible. If you could contact me over at 'drift' (via my email address) all will be revealed... thanks

jd said...

Flicka represents the guiding light for all of us - as you know, you were there at her conception ... I trust she'll always show you the way and bring you home safely - be that wherever your heart resides.

Snidley Whiplash said...

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