Thursday, April 24, 2008

Annabel, my Annabel!

I found her!


Geoffrey said...

Defamtory comments will be (and have been) deleted. Under the laws of publishing on the internet, the publisher (ie, me) is liable for the defamatory nature of comments posted on our blog(s). Unfair, I know ... but I'm not going to carry the can.

Snidley Whiplash said...


Geoffrey said...

Flattery will get you nowhere Snidley. But thank you.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think my comment was actually defamatory. In context I thought it was pretty funny if a bit tasteless. However, I respect your decision to remove it.

Geoffrey said...

1. an abusive attack on a person's character or good name
2. That what tends to injure a persons reputation. Libel is published defamation, whereas slander is spoken.
3. Written or oral statements made by one person to another, and made public ("published"), which tend to bring the character or reputation of that person into disrepute, or to expose them to unreasonable personal embarrassment.
4. Libelous or slanderous statements that cause injury to another person.
5. A communication that lowers the personal or professional reputation of a third party, ridicules them, or leads others to shun and avoid them.
6. A false statement that injures another’s reputation in the community.
7. an attack on the reputation of a person ... which result in public contempt, ridicule, or financial injury.
8. A false statement that injures someone's reputation and exposes them to public contempt, hatred, ridicule, or condemnation.
9. Injury to a person's character, fame, or reputation by false and malicious statements.

BB Horner said...

Aside from the defamation discussion... could we talk about the defamation of your blog through no activity?

But I see that you found the time to change the look of it! How about a new entry to go with it?

Geoffrey said...

Ha! You can talk!

BB Horner said...

Post number 17 for the month of May just uploaded.