Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Patron Saint(s) of Distraction

The Footy Season has started! And yes, I know I'm supposed to be trying to find Another Client, but - clearly - I didn't name this blog The Art of Distraction for nothing!

Last night I had my gorgeous friends Richard and Julia over for dinner. I first met Richard when he auditioned (successfully) for a role in the Melbourne production of Maestro - my play about Piotr Tchaikovsky. Julia is a wonderful writer, and I have directed two of her plays for the short play festival 'Short and Sweet'. I cooked potato and leek soup, chicken with sage and lemon accompanied by mashed potato and lightly steamed broccoli, carrots and beans ... and for dessert we had poached (in mint and cloves) apple topped with blueberries, raspberries and King Island cream. The fresh fruit platter didn't make it to the table because we were all too full.

Anyway, the cute boy holding the footy is Nick dal Santo .... and after the first round, I'm equal fifth in's Tipping Competition!


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Geoffrey said...

Oh dear.

Nicholas Pickard said...

You've been pinged geoffrey!

I never knew computers could write such personal and informative comments... bless!

Snidley Whiplash said...

For the menu, YUMO.
For the picture, PHWOAR.
For shlesha, PISS OFF
For gay footy tipping, I though your handle must have been "hungry hole", but then I remember I'm a saggy old fart with terminal literary Tourettes Syndrome and found you under your own name.....sigh....

I spent the last 24 hours hanging around outside the arrivals hall at Franga airport with a huge bunch of blue carnations in me hand and a pair of footy socks
shoved down me undies, but no Geoffrey. Cunt.