Friday, March 23, 2007

A must see

I have been suffering from the advanced stages of Fear Of It Being Appallingly Bad Theatre Syndrome (FOIBABTS) for a number of years now, but there is one writer for the theatre who entices me back into the dark every time. His name is Daniel Keene - and his play "The Nightwatchman" is playing at the SBW Stables Theatre, Kings Cross until April 7.

"Bill has lived a life amongst the rambling beauty of the old family home," the Griffin Theatre Company website informs us. "Now he's gone blind, and children Helen and Michael have returned for a few days to move him to a secure apartment. On the outside Bill is stoic, resigned to his fate, but inside he silently rages against the darkness. Helen feels the weight of responsibility - for both her father and her own family. The fragility of her marriage has her longing for the untroubled days of childhood. Photographer Michael is on the verge of a quiet breakdown, having for years avoided meaningful connection with any human being. Drawn together in a garden full of echoes, the three discover tender memories of the shared past unwilling to release them ... "

One word: Go. Here's how.

"The Nightwatchman" by Daniel Keene
Director Lee Lewis; Designer Alice Babidge; Lighting Designer Luiz Pampolha; Composer/Sound Designer Max Lyandvert
With Camilla Ah Kin, Alex Dimitriades & William Zappa.
A Griffin Australian Premiere. "The Nightwatchman" was commissioned by La Compagnie des Docks, Boulogne, France.

The photograph of William Zappa is by Mark Rogers.


metal_petal said...

Billy Zappa and Alex D!

Wish I was there!

Geoffrey said...

We're going this Wednesday night, so stay tuned for a report Metal.

metal_petal said...

What have you been doing all weekend?