Monday, March 26, 2007

Spontaneous distraction

I've always adored spontaneity - one of the great under-valued human characteristics. When I decided to exchange Melbourne for Sydney in 1999, I made the decision at 4.15pm on a Friday night and was roaring up the runway at 7.15pm that same night! This weekend, I did it in reverse and booked at 6.00pm to fly to Melbourne at 7.15pm for a weekend with two of my favourite people in the whole world: Dodie (pictured with the gorgeous Morris) and JD (who will need to send me a photo!)

I missed my blog - and offer belated apologies to those who have text-messaged and commented over the weekend. Was 'The Art of Distraction' to become yet another of Geoffrey's 'projects' vanquished to the 'it seemed like a great idea when I started it' folder? No such luck I'm afraid. There is something about how this blog serves to get me 'out of my head', which I am finding both entirely fascinating and incredibly useful.

More about Melbourne will follow ... but right now, it's back to paying for it!


metal_petal said...

Ha ha go read Theatrenotes. You guys are mirroring each other.

Geoffrey said...

Good grief! That's REALLY disconcerting!

Snidley Whiplash said...

I think its very brave of you, Geoffrey, to trust yourself to an airliner so soon after the Garuda fiasco. Strong gust of wind my arse! With memories of cooked journos and fried diplomats so fresh in your mind, you're a lot braver than I! And to Melboring too, gosh. Oh well, so long as you had a return ticket, I suppose. Happiness in Melbourne is V1, as they say. (a little pilot humour for you, darling). Bless you and your blog, but this little entry was naught but a teaser, surely? Lets have some meat and spunds, next time please. We who have no one to suck on our balls each day need something else to help us on our way, and your blogiwoggi floats my boat, darl.

Anonymous said...

T'was so lovley to spend such precious one on one time with you, my favourite milky bar kid! From one of the ones who stayed in Melbourne!(photo coming!)JDx